A Song Breaks Through

See, I shout at the sky but I’ve got no where else to run to.  I have tried to deny God but find His presence insurmountable in the face of the vast body of evidence I encounter everyday.  I have attempted to deny His power over me or His concern but find His will invasive, His truth so domiinant.  Determined to shut myself off from all that are around me, only to hear the echo of their cries, the yearning in their eyes to plaintive to ignore.

So with trembling hand, and willful heart I reach out.  With quavering voice and downcast eyes I admit my need of Him and declare once again the immutability of His faithfulness.  And His voice breaks through.

“Oh my God, he will not delay, my refuge and strength always.  I will not fear.  His promise is true.  My God will come through, always…always.” (Kristian Stanfill – “Always”)

His presence comes so seldom in my strong times.  I sense Him so infrequently when I have no need.  But, oh He is good.  His love does endure forever.

So then tomorrow, I’ll get up in the morning and go to work.  I’ll log on to my computer and run the circle again.

And…His song will break through.


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