He Has Done It!

I never saw this before.

Psalm 22 is what is referred to as a Messianic Psalm. That means that it was written to give us a picture of Jesus. In this case, it gives us the picture of how Jesus died on the cross. I would not have wanted to be David when he had the experience leading up this writing. I can’t imagine the nightmare of dreaming about this. It describes the crucifixion in great detail and very accurately.

What my King did for me! How could He endure His Father’s forsaking? How can I repay His sacrifice? What kind of love lead Him to give up His life like that? Why did He think I was worth that price?

I don’t know.

I don’t know….

When He died, he said the words, “it is finished.” And I think all of heaven and earth should have shouted the last words of this Psalm. “He has done it.” I envision the angels waiting with eager anticipation as He spoke those words. They knew Him better than we do. And, I see heaven breaking out into cheering that morning when He walked away from death.

That same power is at work in you and me today. I have problems that need a solution. You have things that you can not fix, can not handle. And we, as we come to Him, as we put our hope and trust in Him, will join in the cheering as we watch what He does.


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I’m Waiting

This usually is accompanied by a fair amount of impatience, the tapping of feet, the drumming of fingers. But Jesus, today I give it as my declaration. I’m waiting for You. I will take today to listen for Your voice, to not move without Your presence going before me.

I want to rush. I want to control. I want to dictate my future, my plans, but they are fools errands without You. The best that I can do is ruin and destroy, further satan’s kingdom, unless I wait on You. The worst, the least, I can do is glory and beauty when You fill it.

So I will wait. I will trust. I will rest.

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Is Anybody Out There?

Working in the science realm for many years, I have seen a lot of atheism. I have tried arguing and reasoning with people on subjects like evolution and the hurts in the world, abortion and sin, to know avail. Apparently, my arguments, though well thought out and researched, don’t mean much to people. A blow to my pride, but I understand.

I think people have a greater need that cannot be assuaged by our intellect. My researching and study did not just confirm.the existence of God, they showed me the type of God He must be. It gave proofs for who He is, what He loves. And knowing more of this was a deeper need than knowing He was out there somewhere.

I can reason with someone that evolution is unsupportable, scientifically. But to show a God that created and then invaded His creation shows His deep desire to connect with us. It shows a love that goes beyond our thoughts of the word, goes beyond touchy-feely warm fuzziness. I can discuss the deterioration of planetary orbits or intelligent design. But what we need to know is that, despite what is whispered in our ear, He will NEVER “leave you, nor forsake you.”

I have been set free from addiction. I didn’t work myself up to it, or discipline my mind to control it. I was set free. I was healed, at the point of death, when the doctors saw no hope. I was given love, the love of my wife and children, the love of friends and family and my God, in the midst of failure, dysfunction, rebellion and hatred. I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, or worthy at any level. God just did it because He wanted me to know Him, to know He was there.

He wants you to know too.

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Would You Condemn Me?

Job 40:8 “Would you discredit my justice?
Would you condemn me to justify yourself?”

Everyone seems to look at God and see Him as this tyrant up in heaven just waiting to pounce on every sin we commit. And truthfully, without Him, we are already condemned. But I would argue where that condemnation originates from.

Humans are so much better at condemnation than anyone else. We condemn animals when they act like animals. We condemn each other through rules and restrictions, some good . . . some not so good. We condemn unbelievers for acting like unbelievers. And we condemn each other when we we fall, when we fail.

We condemn God because He doesn’t submit to our control. We blame Him for problems in the world, pain in our lives, and when things just don’t turn out the way we want them to. And for those who are truly seeking Him, I think He allows for this, our questioning, our child-like tantrums. But is He really to blame?

I think that redemption is a better word to mark our faith. I think repentance, real, Godly repentance should be what guides our walk. Our need for Him should outweigh our self-preservation. Our desire to be like Him outweigh our condemnation of others, of ourselves.

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Call to Me

2 “This is what the Lord says, he who made the earth, the Lord who formed it and established it—the Lord is his name: 3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ (Jeremiah 33)

Have you ever had that irritating person, that girl who likes you, the obnoxious and overbearing salesman, the donation solicitor, those you just can’t get rid of? Can I get a witness that if God, THE God, the Creator of the universe, the King of kings and Lord of ALL lords says to call Him, it is a call you want to make.

And, He doesn’t want to know, “whatcha’ doin’.” He doesn’t want to know if you’ve thought about retirement, or how much money you can send in. He already knows all about you. EVERYTHING! He does want to talk to you and with you. He likes just hanging out together.

Hey, I gotta go. I hear the phone and I need to answer it. I haven’t called Him in a while.

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Shock and Awe

I got in our car as we readied ourselves for vacation. I was seventeen, newly graduated from high school. I don’t even remember how I did it, but I did. I had pierced my ear the night before and no one had noticed. Everyone else piled in and my brother tuned and looked at me. At the same time, I saw my dad’s eyes looking at me in the rear view mirror and my mom looking back over the front seat.

I was terrified at what their response might be. But these were moments I lived for. To be noticed, to be seen, not as the gifted child, the pretty child, the smart or the fun one. I accepted and relished the role of the different child. One of the greatest compliments I feel I’ve ever received was when someone told me I was an anomaly.

I say things and do things for shock value. I see God in that. He likes to be noticed too. He hates molds where we can dictate His response. He enjoys proving Himself to be not what we think but who and what He truly is.

He tells us to come “boldly before the throne…” because, dare I say it, He’s a bit of a show off.

You know what I say? I want to see God alive and we’ll in my life. I am afraid to talk about the God I serve because I am not sure He’s everything He says He is. That’s got to stop.

Where God is concerned, we need some shock and awe!

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Son of Encouragement

Why do we fight with our brothers? Why, with all that is good and noble about the person of Jesus Christ, do we nit pick at each other over so many things? And what do we do when we just can’t get along?

Barnabas means son of encouragement. He was Paul’s partner through many of the early missionary journeys. But, they disagreed over what to do with an unfaithful young man. Barnabas, the encourager, wanted to restore him. Paul, the former Pharisee, knew he couldn’t be trusted. It isn’t that Paul or Barnabas was wrong or right, though I have heard angry arguments on both sides. They disagreed.

History shows that Mark was worthy of restoration but it might not have been the case if Paul had not set a high standard. But the only scripturally verifiable result was that now there was an extra team going out. And that was good.

God doesn’t require us to agree on everything. He requires unity under the umbrella of created, His created, diversity. And the unity that He seeks is governed by His character and holiness, as revealed to us through His word.

And right now, I need the reminder that He sends encouragers. He sends restoration to the unfaithful. He will use our lives, despite our pettiness and the arguments we embrace to further His Kingdom.

And yes, He can use me still.

Today, I am celebrating 6 months of complete freedom from an addiction to pornograhy. I am celebrating a God that chooses to not give up. I am grateful for my King that loves me still.

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